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***Until we get clarification, due to Covid restrictions in LA county class sizes have been restricted to 5 students except as noted. 


jimDunhamJim the Kiln Guy is coming in July!

Introduction to Fusing Glass - $75
July 24th 10:00am - 12:30pm
Curious about Fusing?  Then this class is for you.  We will introduce you to the world of fused glass,
how a kiln works, and just what happens during each step of the fusing process.   This will cover more of the technical
side of fusing.   The class is 2-1/2 hours long and all supplies are included. You will get to assemble 3 small
projects that will be fired and picked up in a few days. See a whole new side of glass work
No Experience required.

Lecture/Q&A on Kiln Ownership - $45
July 24th  1:30pm - 3:30pm
This class is  great for those who own a kiln or are thinking about it.  Learn all about the kilns and what ownership entails.  Jim will discuss all this and more then
answer all your questions & concerns.

Introduction to Slumping Glass - $55
July 25th 10:00am - 12:00pm
Learn about the different ways to manipulate fused glass pieces using molds and other materials.

***Save $20 when you sign up for all 3 classes***
Limit 8 Students, minimum 4 students to hold the class.

***These are NON-TRANSFERABLE, NON-REFUNDABLE CLASS - no exceptions!***


FuseFunFirst Friday Fusing Nights     $15 Tuition + project fees as noted

For all those fusers out there, we are going to try a new Friday Fusing night “class”. 
 “Open Idea” night where you create your own thing.  

Limit 5 Students at at time. $15 holds your spot! 

Time Slots: 3:30 - 5pm  or  5:30 - 8pm

Includes 1 firing with 6x6 kiln space.  Additional space and glass extra.

Come in during the class time to make your project and it will be fired and ready the next
week for pickup.

No Experience required - glass cutting a plus!
CALL the shop to sign up! Make it a date night or girls night out!  Sorry at this time no refreshments
in the shop to keep masks on at all times

    July 9th
    Aug 6th
    Sep 10th
    Oct 1st
    Nov 5th
    Dec 3rd



ResinArt WavesResin Art - Waves- Beginner class -   $30 tuition + Kit $20
Bring the ocean home with this new resin based class.  We will teach you techniques to make the one of a kind pieces of art
We encourage you to bring any sand or shells that you would like to use.

Kit includes Wood Canvas, paint, resin, s
and & shells.

Limit 5 Students

Wednesday 7/28/21 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Saturday 9/18/21 1:30pm - 4:00pm

Call the shop to sign up or email questions to:




gip1gip2Glass In Pieces - Beginner class -   $35 tuition + Kit $30
In this class we will be using new and re-purposed glass of all kinds; wine bottles, beer bottles, scrap glass, broken vases, etc.   Then arrange them on the wooden canvas to create wonderful three dimensional compositions. We will be working on a 8” X 10" or 10” x 10” wood canvas that we will paint with an acrylic finger-painting technique. You will then add glass and other found items, then apply a hi-gloss resin finish that stabilizes your artwork and looks like glass.

You will do the artwork by placing your items onto the canvas, and we encourage you to bring any found items, buttons, jewelry, pebbles, beads, shells, coins, trinkets, etc., as embellishments.

Kit includes Wood Canvas, paint, resin, scrap glass & specialty scrap glass.

Bring your Mosaic nippers if you own them otherwise we have some for use in the shop.
Limit 5 Students

Session choices:
Saturday 8/28/21 1:30pm - 4:00pm

Call the shop to sign up or email questions to:



bf61BEGINNING FOIL - Beginner Class - 5 wks  $125
You will  learn about the tools of the trade, such as the glass cutter, pliers and running pliers. As in any craft, knowing what tools to purchase and how to use them properly is essential. The class will cover the theory of  “Why Glass Breaks?" holding the cutter, scoring the glass, breaking  using pliers, breaking using running pliers, using a straight edge, cutting inside curves, outside curves, and ovals. You will go away with confidence. This class is  for beginners as well as for those who need to enhance their cutting skills. The class  focuses on the copper foil method of stained glass construction.  During the class, students will complete the starter project using glass they select.  You will complete a small stained glass window  (approx. 9“ X  14”). Several different patterns are available for you to choose from at the first class.
Must purchase a tool kit (class, kit & glass comes to about $325).
Grinders and other specialty equipment provided for use in class.
Limit 5 Students

Session Choices:

Saturdays 7/31/21 - 8/28/21 - 10:00am - 12:30pm
Wednesdays 9/8/21 - 10/6/21 - 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Saturdays 10/23/21 - 11/20/21 - 10:00am - 12:30pm

Call the shop to sign up or email questions to:



Bootcamp1Beginning Foil Boot Camp - Beginner Class - 2 wks  $125
Can't commit to the 5 weeks?  Here is your chance to learn the foil method in 2 full days.  This is a simplified version of of our 5 week course.

Prior to first class you must choose your pattern and pick out your glass.

Must purchase a tool kit (class, kit & glass comes to about $325).
Grinders and other specialty equipment provided for use in class.
Limit 5 Students

Session Choices:
Email any questions to:



BEGINNING LEAD - Intermediate -  4 wks - $100 + kit + glass
There is more to stained glass than copper foil. Learn the basics of working with lead came. Learn what tools to use, layout, studio setup, safety information, came selection, lead soldering techniques, cementing and much more. This technique works well when doing larger panels or entry door panels.  You will go away with confidence.  Are you interested in building larger or more geometric designs?  Then this is for you.  We focus on the lead came method of stained glass construction.  Students will complete a leaded glass panel (approx. 9” X 14”).
Must purchase a tool kit (class, upgrade kit & glass) and cut and grind your glass prior to the first class. Grinders and other specialty equipment provided.

 Limit 5 Students

Prerequisite: Beginning Copper Foil
Session Choices:
Saturdays 9/11/21 - 10/2/21   10:00am - 12:30pm

Call the shop to sign up or email questions to:



MOSAIC MADNESS Glass on Glass  - Beginner Class -      2 Sessions    $45 + supplies
Learn how to do glass on glass mosaics. Have fun learning the techniques for direct mosaics using scrap glass, glass nuggets, glass tiles,  glue, and grout.  Scrap glass is included, all other items are student provided if wanted.

Students must bring an 8x10 picture frame with DROP IN GLASS.  Bring your safety glasses if you have them.  All tools are available for purchase at a discount in class.

No prerequisite.
Limit 5 Students
Grouting Session choices below

 Wednesday Aug 4, 2021  6:00pm - 8:30pm
Call or come into the shop to register.  Send Questions to:



MOSAIC Glass on Wood      Beginner Class        2 Sessions $45 + supplies
Learn to make a beautiful 16" Square mosaic table or wall hanging for your home in this class even if you have never done mosaics before!
Scrap glass is included.  Supplies will be available for purchase during class.  $9 for a 16” plywood or bring your own.

No Prerequisite - Everyone welcome - Glass cutting a plus, not required
Limit 5 Students
Grouting Session choices below

Session Choices:
Saturday July 10th 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Call the shop to sign up or email questions to:



***GROUTING SESSION*** - Price included in previous mosaic class - you MUST SIGN UP 1 week prior
This is the grouting session for all of you who need to complete your mosaic madness or mosaic table top project. Wear clothes to get messy in.  Bring thick dish-washing gloves, roll of paper towels, and a cellulose sponge.
Let us know when you are ready and we will schedule a class.
Don’t want to grout at home?  Bring your next project to grout at our shop for only $15
Prerequisite:  First session of mosaic madness or mosaic table top.

Session Choices
Saturday Jun 26th   1:30pm - 4:00pm
Saturday Jul 31st    1:30pm - 4:00pm
Saturday Aug 21st   1:30pm - 4:00pm

Call or stop in to register or email any questions to:




3-D FUN                        Intermediate               $25 + materials

Tired of making flat panels?  Take your skills to the next dimension!  In this class you will learn to make either a butterfly, humming bird, or dragon using your copper foil skills and make a stunning standing or hanging object. 
You will need to purchase, cut, and foil your glass prior to the first class.

Prerequisite: Beginning Foil Class or equivalent
Limit 5 Students

Saturday Aug 7th 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Call the shop to sign up or email questions to:


Wind Spinners       4 hours         Intermediate           $45 + materials
New class at the shop.  Make these stunning outdoor wind spinners using your favorite glass and add in some light catching bevels.
Project based from the book 40 Great Stained Glass Projects by Michael Johnston

Prerequisite: Competency in Copper Foil.
Limit 5 Students

Saturday Sep 11th 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Call the shop to sign up or email questions to:



HummingbirdKH3D Hummingbird Class - intermediate class -    1 SESSION  $25 + supplies

If you have been in the shop lately you may have seen this little guy.  A colorful 3 dimensional hummingbird without using the lead bodies our other 3D class uses.

You Must pre-cut and foil your glass.

Prerequisite: Beginning Copper foil

Email questions to:




wave FUSED GLASS WAVE - Beginner - 1 wk $30 Tuition + Glass
included.  Glass extra, Stands available for purchase.  

Catch a wave this spring with our new WAVE Class.  Approx 8”

Prerequisite: NONE  (bring mosaic nippers if you own them)

Limit 5 Students

August 10th 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Call or come into the shop to register.  Send Questions to:




Lanterns FUSED GLASS LANTERNS - Beginner - 1 wk $25 Tuition + Kit $50
Lantern Kit $50 includes: Lantern, most background glass, scrap glass, frit & stringers & firing.

Fused Glass Lanterns are awesome for all seasons and decor.  Switch out panels to decorate for the season.  Sign up and choose between a black  or white lantern. The class lanterns will be a different style - watch  for photos or stop in to see. These panels can be switched out for each  season and also make awesome gifts.  Price includes tuition, lantern, clear base glass, and scrap glass.

Prerequisite: NONE - Glass Cutting helpful

Limit 5 Students

Session Choices:
Email questions to:



FishFrenzyFUSED FISH FRENZY - Beginner - 2 wks $40 Tuition + Kit
firing & wiring
included.  Driftwood not included.  Kit covers all you need for 3 Fish.  Dichro Extra 

Have some fun with these crazy flying fish.  Welcome addition to any ocean lover.

Prerequisite: NONE  (bring mosaic nippers if you own them)

Limit 5 Students

Session Choices:
Email questions to:





Greenman1Greenman2 TEXTURE MOLDS - Beginner - 1 wk $45.00 + Glass

We have a variety of texture molds from Peacocks to Holidays and  more! First come first choice on molds. Learn how to apply frit and make amazing pieces. Stop by the store for more information and to see our selection.
Price includes tuition, 1 firings & Frit.  Glass Fee for Base Glass depends on Mold Size

Second firing $10

Prerequisite: None!

WineFrit2Limit 5 Students


Email questions to:





STAINED GLASS KALEIDOSCOPES    2 Weeks - Intermediate class -  $50 + kit + glass
We’ve been having so much fun with Fused Kaleidoscopes that we decided to resurrect the Stained glass version.
These require no kiln, and use regular mirror but still create a stunning effect.

Prerequisite: Competency in Copper foil.

Class size is limited to 5 students.

Email questions to:




FLAT PANEL LAMP    4 WKS - Intermediate class -  $100 + glass & supplies
Wanting to go a little further and start to work in 3 dimensions. This is a great course for people who have done a beginner course or wanting to do their first lamp. Learn the basics of making panel lamps as  patterns for this lamp course. Please

You must register & order any special base glass 2 weeks prior to class.
Competency with Beginning Copper foil or equivalent knowledge

Class size is limited to 4 students.

Email questions to:




DecSolder3DecSolder4Decorative Soldering Techniques  -intermediate class -   1 session  $30 + $15 Kit
Prerequisite: Prior Allen Kenoyer Foil class or teacher approval.
If you are comfortable with your soldering skills and want to take it to the next level, then this class is for you.  Learn to create different looks on your projects with decorative solder.  Discover the different types of solder and what they can add to your project.  Bring your white board, pins, soldering iron, solder, flux, & brush that you normally use.  If you don't have your own iron you can use ours. 
Now done on bevels so your class project is a showpiece!

Limit 5 Students

Email questions to:





Shadow Art - 2 session - Intermediate Class - $75 + glass & supplies.
All NEW class.  Create a masterpiece using decorative soldering techniques on glass billets. 
Using the depth of this type of glass create an amazing 2 sided 3-d effect.

Class fee includes:  tuition only  Students are responsible for their supplies.  Glass Billets MUST be ordered at least 3 weeks in advance and cost approx 45 - 65 each.
Limit 5 Students

Prerequisite: Basic Soldering (Beg Foil Class or Private Lesson), Decorative soldering helpful, but not required

Email questions to:

***This is a NON-TRANSFERABLE, NON-REFUNDABLE CLASS - no exceptions!***




HeadsHeads ‘n’ Tail Glass Art - Intermediate class - 3wks-  $75 tuition + Glass
In this class we will be creating a wall hanging using heads and tails, zinc, Rondels. 
What are Heads and Tails? When glass makers create sheets of glass, the ends of those sheets can form unusual and interesting shapes.  They cut the glass sheets to precise sizes when they come off of the annealing Lehr and the head ends are what is left over.  Sometimes called tail ends, these glass trimming pieces are usually pretty enough to serve as a decorative piece without any changes, but they are great for art projects! 
Below are a few links to more ideas.  
This class will include Cyndee's help in creating an awesome wall hanging. We will be using saws, circle cutters, came benders and much more.  

Bring glass cutting and soldering equipment. Limited to 2 layers for this class.
For some great advanced examples visit:  Ed’s Glass Emporium in Lousiana PINTEREST LINK

Prerequisite: Beginning Copper Foil. Decorative Soldering a plus
Limit 4 Students
Email questions to:




FishWCFused Wind Chimes 3wks - Intermediate class -       $75 + glass
Choose from several different designs.
Price includes tuition, high Temp wire, beading wire & crimps, and one firing.  Student must bring hanging support (driftwood, corbel, decorative beads, etc).

Glass cutting Skills required.

Limit 5 Students


Email questions to:




Fused JELLYFISH  2 sessions - Beginner class -    $59 + materials
Now 3 sizes to choose from!

You've seen them hanging in the store, now one can hang in your home.  OR what an amazing gift this would be!  Classes are sell out as fast, so sign up quickly.

Cost is $59 (includes all firings - glass and other supplies not included) - must be prepaid to hold your spot. 
Please pick out your glass at time of payment
Limit 5 Students.


Email Questions to:





TREASURES IN STAINED GLASS “ENCASING MEMORIES” - Intermediate 2wks  $50 + Supplies

Do you have something of great value to, postcards, special letters, or cards?  Learn how to encase them in beautiful stained glass so that you can display them and pass them on for generations to come!



Encasing Memories AfterPrerequisite: Competency in Copper Foil Class

Email questions






FUSED MUSHROOMS   - Beginner Class -         $45 + Glass
Learn how to make 2 different styles of fused mushrooms.  One uses the slurry technique and the other is the “hammertime”.  Class includes everything for the slurry mushroom, and all the frit and firings.  For the “hammer” technique students will purchase the glass.  Firings included.

Bring your safety glasses if you have them.

No prerequisite.
Limit 5 Students

Email questions to:





BOX CLASS - 3 wks - Intermediate  class            $75 +
Learn the secrets of a well made stained glass box.  You'll learn to make a box with a simple hinge.   You'll be amazed at the beautiful boxes you can make with glass. This is a fast paced class, so students must be confident in their skills.
Prerequisite: Beginning Foil Class

Email questions to:





bottleart1Bottle Chimes  - Beginner class - $55 +
Up-cycle bottle and glass to make some amazing chimes.  You bring in the bottle and we will help you cut it and create an amazing piece of art.

No Prerequisite.  Cutting experience is helpful, but not required.  Bring in 2 or more bottles - must be clean, dry and all labels removed.  You will only make 1 chime during class.

Email questions to:






20160315_214958-2Fused Kaleidoscopes   3 wks - intermediate class -    $75+ $45 Kit + glass
Make an amazing kaleidoscope using Fused glass and soldered pieces.

Prerequsite:  Beginning Copper Foil or Equivalent soldering experience

Limit 5 Students


Email questions





Sunflower Yard Art  - Inter/Adv Foil       $75 class fee + $50 kit fee + materials
Just imagine a full size sunflower (over 6 feet tall) on a copper pole.  You need to come in and pick up your supply list and instruction sheet.  Then show up with all your pre-tinned pieces and all your soldering supplies including your soldering iron (or you can use one of ours).  Pick up class info when registering.
Class limited to 5 students so register quickly.

Prerequisite: Beginning Foil Class or Equivalent Experience.

Email questions to:




Beveled Scrap Art  - 2 Sessions  - intermediate class - $45 + materials
Bring in your scrap glass, jewels, and oddities that can withstand foiling & soldering.  We will teach you how to surround them in  beautiful bevels with some decorative soldering and create a masterpiece!  You need to bring in all your foiling and soldering supplies including your soldering iron (or you can use one of ours).

Prerequisite: Beginning Copper foil or equivalent knowledge.
Limit 5 Students

Email questions to:




 INK THERAPY - beginner      $45
This is a non-glass related class.  No pressure, no stress! A great way to relax and learn to guide the ink to create some amazing art.  If you've ever wondered what Alcohol Ink is and what you can do with it, come take this class and learn about this exciting and fun art medium. (This is a basic class used as an introduction to Alcohol Ink.)

We will be teaching you how to use Alcohol inks to create one-of-a-kind art tiles, papers and art works. This is a basic class, so no painting experience is required or needed...and we supply the materials used in class.




Limit 5 Students

No experience required. This is a great class for any skill level.

Email questions to:






Micro MosaicsBottle Top Class - SHELLS  - intermediate class -   $55 + supplies
This is a great new class for copper foil.  Learn how to create your own masterpiece.  Class includes specialty foil and wire. 

Must bring Seashells, 1 bottle not foiled, your copper foil & soldering supplies, and a temperature controlled iron.

Cost is $55 - must be prepaid.
Class size is limited to 5 students.
Prerequisite: Beginning Copper Foil

Email questions to:




Doodle Plates/Frit Painting - beginning - $25 + $15 Kit
Ever wonder how to use glass frit and paint? This is the class for you!  Students will make a 6” x 6” plate using frits and glass paints.  All items are included and one firing. 
No experience required

Limit 5 Students

Email questions





Soldering Refresher Course      by private lesson $45 for 2-1/2 hr lesson
Is your soldering just not where you'd like it to be?  Having trouble getting the perfect bead? 
Haven't made a project in a while?  Well this is for you.  Bring in YOUR project all foiled and ready to solder and we will guide you to master this skill.

Prerequisite:  Beginning Copper foil.
Bring your soldering iron, solder, flux, & brush that you normally use so we can troubleshoot any equipment problems.  If you don't have your own iron you can use ours.

Call or send e-mail to to schedule:




cuttoolsCUTTING Class     By Private Lesson  $35 call to schedule

Whether you are new to glass, or an old hand and want to improve your skills.  This class will teach you how to cut glass.  Especially good for fusing & mosaic students who want to enhance their glass experience.  We will cover all the different choices of glass cutters and how they work along with demonstrations of all the latest tools for cutting glass.

Call or send e-mail to schedule





Lead Suncatcher Art Strips - $25 ($20 each additional)
Make this fun leaded project using small pieces of glass, lead, and NoDays Glaze.
3” strips of glass are included in the cost, chimes and other embellishments are sold separately. 

No Experience required - all are welcome (14 & Up)


Email questions to:




ADVANCED LEAD/FOIL - BEVELED GLASS DESIGN   - intermediate class - $150.00 +
Learn to design your own leaded or foiled panel to exact size just like the pros.  Begin with a concept and learn how to make a scaled drawing, draw it to full size, and complete it.  Glass and bevel cluster supplied by student.  Bring your basic set of LEAD or FOIL tools.  You must have your dimensions (up to 24x24) and beveled cluster ready prior to first class.  

Prerequisite: Beginning Lead OR Foil Class - with several pieces completed.  This class expects you to be confident in your abilities.

***This class is a NON-TRANSFERABLE, NON-REFUNDABLE,  and NO MAKE-UPS - no exceptions!***

Email questions to:



Fused Ornaments -   $12 per Ornament/3 for $30
Think glass “Christmas Cookies”.   We will have all the supplies out and you can drop in, decorate and leave your ornament with us to fire.  This fun class will let you play to create your own ornaments.  You will decorate two pre-cut ornaments and we will fire them.  No experience is required so bring your friends.  Kids over 8 are allowed to enroll with a parent. 
Limit 5 Students

Session choices:


Email any questions



Crystal Christmas Trees                 Beginner               $25

Come make a stunning Holiday Light catcher using scrap glass & frit.

Limit 5 Students per session

Email questions to:



OPEN WORKSHOP   $10 Per 2.5 hour Session + Materials & Supplies
If you need help with YOUR project - bring it on in.  Iron rental $8 per session.  We can accommodate you during most store hours, just call ahead.

*Class Policies:

Due to the fact that we have to pay our teachers regardless of the number of students, we now have the following class policy.

Class Fees must be paid in advance to guarantee placement in a class.

Class Supplies and tools must be purchased at Allen Kenoyer Glass.

Class size minimum is 4 students.  We reserve the right to reschedule in the event the class minimum is not met.

Cancellations:  Prior to 7 days will receive credit towards a future class.  4-6 Days will result in 50% credit.  Less than 3 days notice & no shows will result in forfeiture of payment.

For more information about any of our classes or to register,
email or call the shop (310) 542-6225