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Cabinet Doors

We are happy to help you choose glass for cabinet doors. Free free to stop into the studio anytime to see the glass firsthand. Whether you order the glass alone, or have us install it into the cabinet doors, we do not ship doors or glass.

If we are installing the glass into the door, you will have to bring the door into the studio. Please remove all of the hardware – the hinges and the handles – before bringing the door in. Either way, the notes below will help you to measure the glass needed for your door and will help in calculating your cost.

A Graph Showing How To Determine Rough Opening Sizes

Determine the rough opening size in the cabinet door.

This is the opening the glass insert will fit into.

  • From the back side of your cabinet door, carefully measure the width of the rough opening where the glass insert will be placed.
  • Round down this measurement to the nearest sixteenth of an inch. For example: change 12 11/32″ to 12 5/16″.
  • Now measure the height of the rough opening in the cabinet door.
  • As before, round down this measurement to the nearest sixteenth of an inch.

Deduct an additional 1/8" from the width and from the height measurements of the rough opening in your cabinet door.

For example, if the rough opening measures 14″ x 24″ – you would order a glass insert that is 13 7/8″ x 23 7/8″.

Important Note:
We supply all glass inserts with square corners unless otherwise instructed. Some cabinet door inserts may require rounded corners. Examine your cabinet door opening carefully to determine your requirement. Small “dime shape” corners cost slightly extra and must be specified at time of order. Larger rounded corners will require templates and are quoted on a per project basis.