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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between lead and foil?
A: The copper foil method is for more intricate, delicate designs and 3-dimensional projects such as Tiffany Lamps and boxes. The lead came method is for when the design has larger pieces of glass and more straight lines than curved ones. Traditional designs, bevel clusters and bevel borders are usually leaded, rather than foiled.
Q: Which method is easier to learn?
A: The copper foil method is easier, but we recommend learning both methods.
Q: Which class should I take first?
A: The copper foil method. We no longer teach cutting in the lead class. Plus the copper foil method has more cutting and gains you more experience first.
Q: Is it difficult to learn?
A: Not at all, however, it does require time and patience while you are learning. We have been teaching classes for over 35 years so we have lots of experience to share with you.
Q: What will I make in the class?
A: You will complete a small stained glass window (approx. 9” X 14”). Several different patterns are available for you to choose from at the first class.
Q: I cannot draw a straight line. How can I make a stained glass window?
A: No Problem, you do not have to be an artist. There are thousands of patterns from which to choose. However, if you like to draw we can teach you how to design for stained glass in our Intermediate Class.
Q: What kind of tools and supplies do I need?
A: We have put together basic stained glass tool kits. (See Tool Kits on the class schedule) We believe that good tools facilitate your learning. You will receive a 10% discount on the tool kit and glass.
Q: What is the schedule and costs like?

A: We also offer private instruction please ask. We hold Classes year-round. If there were a class, you would be interested in taking and not listed among the current listings, please contact us to see if it is planned for a future date and just not scheduled. Contact e-mail or telephone (310) 542-6225